Why Should You Read My Books

Why should you read my books?

Reason Number one: because they are fun! I write fantasy and Science Fiction stories that take you to new worlds. This is the reason I’m trying hard to improve my writing skills. I want reading my books to be so enjoyable that you will lose sleep over them.

For instance in Walking Thru Time you can follow a cohort of colorful characters through three different time periods. These characters retain their personalities but in each time period they must find each other anew and fulfill their part in a cosmic story. A story, in which, they must nudge a reluctant princess toward fulfillment of her destiny to save the universe from falling under the influence of evil.

As you follow this story you will go from a medieval, magical world to a present day world of mystery, cults and intrigue and end up in a space cruiser attacked by an evil cabal who are bent on taking control of the universe. Sounds like fun? I hope so – that’s my goal.

In Trilogy you will struggle with the handful of young survivors of the destruction of earth who find themselves stranded on board an alien ship. These pre-teens must learn to make their way in a universe very different from the world they grew up in on the late great planet Earth.

In Josephina you will meet a beautiful young woman with a powerful gift that sets her apart from most of the human race. Is it really a gift or a curse?

Reason Number Two: because they will stimulate your thinking and imagination. They will open a door to speculation about the stream of time, the flow of story, destiny and the meaning of friendship. Perhaps my story will not only give you food for thought but influence your life,

Reason Number Three: because I love to have you by my side as I write. Sure I can’t reach out and touch you in physical space but believe me you are with me, in my mind. I write to take you with me on my journey into imagination. What good is a journey if you travel alone? Isn’t it more fun to have companions to ride along side you? Make no mistake I do have you in mind as I write, talk to you, consult with you and ague with you. So shouldn’t you read my book and see what all the fuss was about?

Reason Number Four: because I hope to leave something of myself behind when I must leave this world and travel on. I hope to leave enjoyment for the generations that will follow me. However, if no one reads my stories how will new readers find them and prevent them from becoming sad, moldy forgotten heaps of paper? How will these characters that I, and hopefully you, have come to love continue on? Who will help them travel on into the future if you do not read, enjoy and recommend my book?